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We are very grateful to St Mary’s school community who trusted the KICKAFOOTBALL team to start our first Before School Program! Staff, children & parents have been rewarding our business every day with so much support and positive energy. Our first session started with 11 students and we now train 30 students, split in two Before School football programs: GIRLS play every Tuesday, BOYS play on Thursdays.

St Mary’s motto, “Learning for the Future”, inspires a passion for life-long learning. They have a professional team of teachers who provide challenging, child-centred learning experiences.


Soccer Programs Melbourne | Football Programs Melbourne | Kids Soccer | kickafootball.net


From day one we started our After School programs at Erasmus, we received enthusiasm, dedication and strong support from the staff members and their school community. Childrens’ and parents’ wonderful regular feedback proves why KICKAFOOTBALL grows bigger every term each year.

Erasmus provides an education, which seeks to promote and support the spirit of unity so that everyone may be happy and enjoy well-being at every level – body, mind, heart and spirit.


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St Mary’s is recognised as a place of quality teaching and learning, with a strong community spirit. St Mary’s is a school with an innovative and dedicated staff who  have a commitment, and whole school approach to transforming pedagogy and building a rigorous curriculum that prepares our students for life-long learning. We strive to give our students a deep sense of connectedness to the local and global worlds in which they live.

St Mary’s school is a place where we challenge ourselves and others, and communicate our optimism and confidence in the potential of our students. We have a dynamic, supportive and safe work environment, which inspires a climate of mutual respect, collegiality, trust and support.


Soccer Programs Melbourne | Football Programs Melbourne | Kids Soccer | kickafootball.net


We are honoured to have been introduced to the school by a parent happy with his kids’ appreciation of the quality (and fun!) of the KICKAFOOTBALL School Holiday program.  Thanks to the support of the Principal and Head of PE we enrolled 10 students in just one week. Grazie!

Lloyd Street School is located in Malvern East and is recognised as a student centred school which is proud of the strong partnerships it enjoys with the community.  The school educates around 540 students who are actively engaged in the rigorous and innovative curriculum provided.  Authorised as an International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme School in 2007 the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship are now well entrenched and explicitly taught through the comprehensive programme of inquiry.




St.Columba’s is a Catholic Primary School which promotes, teaches and lives by the Gospel values of Jesus Christ – values of love, compassion, respect for the dignity of each human person and respect for the world around us.

Situated in the heart of Elwood, this small parish community school has a warm, friendly, family environment where all stakeholders work together to inspire excellence.


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St Joseph’s is a Catholic primary school situated in the suburb of Elsternwick. This warm, community-focused school provides an inclusive and vibrant learning environment for its students. As a Catholic school, we are guided by and strive to live according to the gospel values of Jesus Christ. We provide a curriculum that supports, challenges and engages our students. We currently have an enrolment of 320 students, with 2 grades per year level, and one in Year 6.

The school provides a dynamic sense of community and fosters a welcoming, family atmosphere. St Joseph’s has a very strong parent group who are vital to the sense of belonging in the school. Parents are welcome to participate in all aspects of the school with the main support coming through Parent and Friends, the School Advisory Board, Working Bees and individual contributions in the classrooms, on excursions or for special school events.




Armadale Primary is committed to the development of a learning community where learning is seen as the central activity of both the individual and the school as a whole. One of the essential features of our community is our commitment to life long learning. Teachers plan a curriculum that encompasses a wide variety of learning styles, promotes higher order thinking skills and encourages cooperative and collaborative learning skills. The teacher engages students in problem solving based on real life contexts supporting growth into independent learners. We encourage all students to reflect on their understandings and take appropriate action.